Long Point Conference Centre

A school camp venue with an auditorium in Sydney, equipped with two projectors, customised lighting and a sound system.


At Long Point Conference Centre, we take pride in offering a versatile and advanced auditorium that can cater to a variety of events and activities. Our fully air-conditioned auditorium seats up to 200 people, making it the perfect venue for conferences, meetings, seminars, school camps, religious activities, family gatherings and more. We even offer this auditorium for hire. 

When it comes to setting the right ambiance, our auditorium offers a range of modern stage lights with professional lighting software. You have the freedom to set the atmosphere that best suits your event. 

Want cool blue lighting to complement your presentation? No problem! With a few clicks, you can easily adjust the lighting presets and create the atmosphere you desire. Whether you’re organising a corporate conference or school camp, the stage lights can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

In addition to customisable lighting, the auditorium has a large floor space, meaning you can move the chairs and use the area for things like yoga retreat activities and family reunion games.

Group accommodation venue with auditorium in Sydney
Auditorium with blue customisable lights in Sydney
Over 150 chairs are set up in an auditorium in Sydney.
A purple-lit stage set up in preparation for a wellness retreat in Sydney. Wellness retreat accommodation, Sydney

Accommodation Venue with Auditorium in Sydney

Whether you’re hosting a professional conference, planning a school camp or running another large event, our versatile auditorium at Long Point Conference Centre provides the ideal space for your gathering. With advanced audio-visual technology, customisable lighting options and convenient amenities, we are committed to making your experience here a success.

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