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Two families chat together at a family reunion in Sydney.

Family Reunion Accommodation NSW

Do you have a special event or anniversary coming up in your family? Gran might be turning 80, or the great-grandparents could be about to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary. These special occasions are a great chance to get together with the extended family for a reunion.

Maybe you have cousins or other relatives that you haven’t seen for years. At a family reunion, family members who live far apart get to have a good catch-up, and you can also share family history with the younger generation.

There are many factors to consider when booking a venue for a family reunion. To make sure your event is a success, do your research to find a venue that will suit your family group. Following are a number of factors you should consider, including accommodation, meals and activities.

Accommodation for Family Groups

A family reunion typically includes a large group of at least three generations of people of widely varying ages, who will also have differing requirements and preferences for accommodation. The older generation will appreciate private accommodation with a living area to withdraw to and relax in during the day. They will probably also prefer not to share bathroom facilities. As such, a small, one bedroom unit or cabin would probably suit them well.

On the other hand, families with young children will usually require more space such as a larger cabin or similar. They may need cots for babies or toddlers, and facilities for preparing and storing baby food. Find out what the venue offers in this regard. Teenagers may be happy to share dormitory-style or other accommodation with a larger group. However, check that the number of bathrooms will be sufficient for the number of people staying there.

Well-insulated cabins and dormitories are also more comfortable to stay in in both the hotter and colder months. If any members of your family reunion group require wheelchair access, make sure you ask about this too.

If a venue which otherwise seems perfect doesn’t quite sleep the number of people you are hosting, ask about the possibility of camping in tents or maybe even bringing camper trailers or caravans to make up the shortfall.

If staying for longer than a weekend, check that laundry facilities are available.

A dormitory at Long Point Conference Centre, the perfect accommodation for family reunions.
A couple sit outside a cabin at a family reunion accommodation venue in Sydney
Beautiful autumn trees on a family reunion venue in Sydney

Meals – Catering Provided or Self-Catered?

Before booking a family reunion venue, you will need to decide whether you and your guests will be catering for yourselves or if you would like meals to be provided. Check whether your preference is available at the venue. If self-catering, will some members of the group be cooking for everyone (perhaps on a roster basis) or will each family be making their own meals?

Cooking for a large group will require a large or commercial kitchen to be available, with plenty of storage space. Alternatively, if families are catering for themselves, they will require kitchen facilities in or near their accommodation.

A great aspect of a family reunion is the possibility of eating together. Even if families are making their own food, it is a real bonus to have a dining area that seats the whole group, even if only for some of the meals. If bringing babies or toddlers, check the availability of high chairs for meals.

If cooking for the group, it is important to plan the menu carefully, considering the preferences and requirements of your guests. Make sure you check and cater for any dietary requirements such as food allergies or intolerances. Some severe allergies and other conditions may require separate storage and preparation areas to prevent food being contaminated. You may also find it useful to plan a separate children’s menu.

Find out what shops are located in the local area. If supermarkets are some distance away, it may be more convenient to bring your food from home.

Does your family originate from a place with a great food culture, or are there some special recipes that have been passed down from previous generations? A family reunion is a great occasion to prepare and serve food that is significant to your family and culture. The cook could even give an introduction to these dishes so those who don’t know the history can learn all about it.

Leisure Activities – Planned and Informal

As with planning a school camp, when creating a family reunion program, you should allow for a mix of planned and informal activities for your guests. Make sure your venue has facilities for the program you are planning, including an indoor option if the weather does not allow for it to happen outdoors. Here are some of the most popular family reunion acitivities which we’ve seen:

Family History Presentation

If this is the first time your extended family is getting together, don’t miss the opportunity for them all to learn about their shared history. Check that the venue has a room large enough to seat everyone, with a large TV or projector, and plan for a slideshow of old photos and even film clips. Ask the oldest family members for some anecdotes from their childhood, or stories about your common ancestors. The kids will love seeing what their parents and grandparents looked like when they were young, hearing about life before the internet or mobile phones, not to mention having a laugh at the out-dated fashions! 

If your family gathers for reunions regularly, you could ask everyone for a few photos of what they have been up to since you last met, and put them together into a presentation for everyone to watch.

Grandparents look at old photos at a family reunion in Sydney

Informal Leisure Time Activities

Ideally, the venue you choose will have facilities that ensure everyone can make the most of their leisure time together – from the oldest to the youngest.

Older people typically like chatting together and simply enjoying each other’s company, particularly if their shared memories go back a long way. Check that your venue has areas suitable for small groups to sit together – maybe some nice landscaped gardens with park benches, or a cosy café-style area to linger over a cup of tea. Some might also like to join in outdoor games such as croquet or similar, go for walks, or play cards or board games.

Ensure that at least some of the space older people will use is separate from areas of noisy activity that may disturb them.

A couple walks along the path at a family reunion.

Younger Active People

The young (and young at heart) will often love the chance to use some energy participating in active sports or games together. Look out for a venue that has facilities for this. Some examples include a football field (or any flat space to kick a ball around), basketball court, volleyball court or tennis court. Enquire if sports equipment is available for use or if you will need to bring your own. If sports facilities are not available on site, check out if there are any in the vicinity.

Another activity that many young people today enjoy is video gaming. If the venue has a room with a large TV or projector, as mentioned earlier, this can also be used for this purpose. These sorts of activities can also be a useful option if the weather is not conducive to being outside.

A girl enjoys the pool at a Sydney family reunion.
Family reunion accommodation venue with playground for kids in Sydney
Group accommodation venue with soccer pitch

Activities for Children

Children will really enjoy a good playground and sandpit to spend time in. Check that the playground is suitable for the ages of the children who will be at the reunion. Parents will also appreciate seating around the playground area, so they can supervise their children.

Swimming Pool

An accommodation venue with a swimming pool is a real bonus if your family reunion is happening in summer. This is a feature that guests of all ages can enjoy. As with a playground, if there is seating around the pool, this is convenient for adults who are supervising children.

Find the Perfect Venue for your Family Reunion

A family reunion is a precious opportunity to spend time together with your loved ones, whether it is a once-off occasion or a regular event. One of the most important aspects of planning a family reunion is selecting the right group accommodation in Sydney that will maximise the enjoyment all the participants gain from the event. This can be a daunting prospect, particularly if it is for a large group of people. However, if you find out and list what the requirements and preferences of the different members of your group are regarding accommodation, meals and activities, this will help you to look for a venue that satisfies these requirements. Doing your research to find a venue that best suits your family’s needs will pay off, so that your reunion is a fantastic time that you all can look back on with fond memories.

At Long Point Conference Centre we boast newly renovated cabins and dormitories, sports facilities, beautiful nature, spacious communal areas and more. If you would like to enquire about a family reunion stay, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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