Long Point Conference Centre

20-26 Wills Rd, Long Point, NSW 2564



To assist, when the following terms are referred to in this document:
“LPCC” means Long Point Conference Centre, and includes the organisation, its buildings,
grounds and facilities.
“LPCC Management” means one or more representatives of LPCC, authorised to make
decisions regarding the use of LPCC.
“Group” means any group or organisation hiring LPCC.
“Organiser” means the person in charge of a Group, who takes responsibility for the Group
and liaises with LPCC Management.
“Attendees” means all attending members of a Group, including overnight guests and day


1.1. Children under 2 years may stay free of charge.
1.2. A minimum invoice amount of $2,500 per night applies for self-catered, overnight
1.3. A minimum invoice amount of $4,000 per night applies for catered, overnight
1.4. A minimum hire period of 2 nights applies, except for public holiday long weekends
when a minimum hire period of 3 nights applies.
1.5. Fully catered rates include breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.
1.6. Partially catered day visitor rates include lunch or dinner, as well as afternoon tea
and supper.


2.1. The Organiser must submit a Booking Request, stating the name and nature of the
Group and the purposes for which LPCC will be used.
2.2. All bookings are subject to availability and approval.
2.3. LPCC Management reserves the right to refuse any booking if the nature or
activities of the Group are deemed illegal or unsuitable for LPCC.
2.4. LPCC Management reserves the right to cancel any booking, confirmed or
otherwise, if information becomes available indicating dishonest or fraudulent
dealings on the part of the Organiser.
Valid as of April 2023
2.5. A non-refundable deposit must be paid to secure the booking. This consists of $500
per night of hire period.
2.6. Final Group numbers must be provided no later than 14 days prior to the check-in
2.7. Once final Group numbers have been received, an invoice will be issued for the full
amount. This invoice must be paid no later than 7 days prior to the check-in day.
The deposit will then be converted to a bond.
2.8. The bond will be returned within 14 days of completion of hire, subject to Section 3,
once premises have been inspected and found to be in satisfactory condition.


3.1. The Organiser is responsible for missing or damaged property belonging to LPCC,
the Group or any Attendees.
3.2. LPCC Management reserves the right to raise an invoice to cover the cost of repairs
or replacement of missing or damaged property.
3.3. If damage occurs or property is missing and the cost of the repair or replacement
invoice exceeds the bond, the Organiser is responsible for all additional costs.


4.1. Check-in is at 5:30pm.
4.2. The Organiser must be present when all other Attendees arrive.


5.1. Accommodation check-out is at 10:30am.
5.2. Site-check out is at 2:00pm.
5.3. A late check-out may be negotiated with LPCC Management for an additional fee.
5.4. Any additional fees for unregistered day visitors, extra overnight guests or late
check-out must be paid by the Organiser prior to departure.
5.5. The Organiser is responsible for leaving LPCC in a reasonably clean and tidy state.
This includes placing leftover food and other waste in the bins provided, and
cleaning the kitchen prior to checking out (self-catered events only).
5.6. LPCC Management reserves the right to raise an invoice to cover extra cleaning
costs if this is required.
5.7. If extra cleaning is required and the cost of the extra cleaning invoice exceeds the
bond, the Organiser is responsible for all additional costs.

6.1. Attendees are to supply their own doonas/blankets/sleeping bags, unless
arrangements have been made to hire these from LPCC.
6.2. Pillows, pillows slips and bottom sheets are supplied by LPCC.
6.3. No beds are to be used without bottom sheets and pillow slips.
6.4. If any beds are found to have been used without a bottom sheet and/or pillow slip,
for hygiene reasons LPCC will need to wash the mattress and pillow protectors at
an additional charge to the Group.
6.5. Vinyl mattress protectors must be used for young children if necessary. These are
available upon request.


7.1. The Organiser is responsible for the appropriate supervision of all Attendees. This
includes ensuring that no disorderly or illegal behaviour occurs.
7.2. The Group must supply their own First Aid kit suitable for the size of the Group,
and sufficient to treat injuries such as minor burns, cuts, abrasions and insect bites.
7.3. All Attendees accept the inherent risks associated with participating in activities
conducted at LPCC.
Valid as of April 2023
7.4. LPCC takes no responsibility for activities conducted by the Group or for any
personal injury or death resulting from these activities.
7.5. Use of the sauna and swimming pool area is entirely at one’s own risk.
7.6. No children under 12 years of age are permitted in the swimming pool area without
adult supervision.
7.7. A lifeguard or First Aid qualified individual must monitor the pool whenever it is in
7.8. Permission must be obtained from LPCC Management before lighting any
7.9. A representative of LPCC will be available at all times, and has the right to enter any
part of LPCC if required.


8.1. No BYO alcohol.
8.2. No smoking in any of the following areas:
8.2.1.Indoors or in any enclosed spaces
8.2.2.Within 10 metres of any outdoor dining areas
8.2.3.Within 10 metres of the playground
8.2.4.Within the swimming pool area
8.2.5.Within 4 metres of any building entrance
8.2.6.Within 10 metres of any areas used for organised sport
8.3. No illicit drugs are to be brought to LPCC. Any person found to be in possession of
or under the influence of a banned substance will be expelled immediately.
8.4. No sports except table-tennis are to be played indoors, due to wear and tear and
the risk of damage.
8.5. No pets or other animals are to be brought to LPCC.
8.6. Due to the proximity of neighbouring properties, no excessive noise is permitted
outdoors after 9.30pm. This includes sport, ball games, use of the playground and
other generally noisy activities.
8.7. It must be completely quiet at LPCC from 11pm to 7.00am.


9.1. These Terms and Conditions of Hire must be communicated to all Attendees prior
to arrival at LPCC.
9.2. Any individual, group or organisation in breach of any one or more of these
conditions may be expelled from LPCC. Depending on the nature of the breach,
police may be notified.
9.3. The Group shall comply with all requirements of the Health Act, Local Government
Act or any other Act of the Parliament of New South Wales, or any regulation made
thereby as shall be applicable in the circumstances.
9.4. The Organiser shall be made liable for any breach of such Act and shall indemnify
LPCC or any individual acting on behalf of LPCC, with respect to any such breach.
If you have any questions relating to these Terms and Conditions of Hire or
require further information, please contact info@longpoint.com.au.