Long Point Conference Centre

A multimedia hall available for hire in Campbelltown, Sydney.

Hall for Hire in Campbelltown

Long Point Conference Centre is situated on the outskirts of Campbelltown and boasts an impressive 200 seat auditorium that can also serve as a function room for conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars, religious activities, family reunions and school camps, just to mention a few. The hall for hire in Campbelltown is fully air-conditioned, providing a comfortable venue all year round. Even on the hottest days, the auditorium manages to maintain a consistently comfortable indoor temperature. The chairs are padded for added comfort during long sittings.


Multimedia Projector for Professional Presentations

Because people learn information in different ways, modern presentations by businesses and religious groups often use a variety of methods, including moving pictures and sound. Long Point Conference Centre uses professional audio-visual technology in its auditorium, including a multimedia projector which provides a high quality visual from wherever you are sitting in the hall.

Create the Right Mood with Stage Lighting

The primary function of stage lighting is to make the stage picture visible, but the way in which the stage is lit will have a major impact on the way the audience perceives the stage picture. Long Point Conference Centre has a range of stage lights, including coloured filters that can be used to your advantage, to enhance the experience of the viewers.

High Quality Audio Results with Sound Mixer

A sound mixer can be used for changing the quality and the levels of audio signals. It is also known as a mixing console, an audio mixer, or a soundboard. Using a mixer is the easiest way to direct or combine a range of audio signals and even change the tone and dynamics of the sound. A mixer is useful for managing recorded or live sound and adjusts the tone quality so that the output audio is easy for the audience to listen to.

Sound management is critical during events such as conferences and seminars and it’s important that the audience can clearly hear what is going on, without any unpleasant interference. Long Point Conference Centre has a 24-channel sound mixer which can be customised to suit a variety of needs.

Adjoining Kitchen for Self-Catered Events

Serving refreshments is often included in corporate events. Our adjoining kitchen is perfect for preparing morning and afternoon teas for your conference or seminar. Large coffee percolators and hot water urns are available and refreshments can be served through a counter that can be closed off when not in use. Male and female toilets are also located within the main building, with an additional toilet that has disabled access. A small meeting room is also available for groups of 8-10 people. There is plenty of parking available at the conference centre.

Minimum 4 Hour Bookings Required

Hall hire is subject to availability and a minimum of four hours is required when making a booking. The hall is gaining popularity and while we cannot guarantee availability, we do encourage enquiries for events at short notice, especially if you can be somewhat flexible with times and dates.

If you are looking for halls for hire in Campbelltown, contact us today!